Online Program – Advanced

50,00 550,00 

  • including 5 Training sessions per week
  • customizable to your goals, time & life style
  • access via Trainingpeaks (watch & calendar integration)
  • Online Meeting every 2 months
  • Available in English, German or Spanish
  • monthly price (save one month with an annual subscription)


This Online Program includes 5 training sessions per week. Based on training science principles the periodization is according to your own goals. The plan is fully customizable to your time, needs and life style. You can choose from different combinations like e.g.: 5x SUP, 3x SUP 2x Strength, 4x SUP 1x Strenght, 3x SUP 2x Running, etc. The training program also includes warm ups, mobility and Yoga. With your account on Trainingpeaks (free or premium) you get access to the program build for you. The training sessions are going directly to your watch and will be displayed in your calendar. Tracking and examination are possible for you and me. Every 2 months we will meet Online for a video analysis and Q&A. I’m always accessible for further questions and to help you reaching your personal goal.

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6 months, monthly, one year


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