You have a certain goal? You want to improve your fitness? You enjoy training with others? 

I can help you achieving your objectives with a customizable plan or a personal training. You can also visit one of my training workshops to connect with others. Because together is more fun! No matter if you are new into paddling or a pro, whether you want to finish your first race or take part at an ultradistance race like the SUP 11 City-Tour or or simply want to increase your fitness and health – nothing is impossible. Let’s start today!


My name is Tanja Ecker, born in 1992 and raised in the southern Black Forest, I have always been very close to nature and sports. That’s why I also studied sports science and have a Master degree (M.Sc.) in Sport Science with special qualification in Sports Management and Sustainable Development. Stand-Up Paddling is a passion that has now become a profession. As a professional stand-up paddle athlete I’m part of the German National team and could win already several national and international titles including 11 German National titles and a win of the SUP 11-City Tour in 2022. Besides being an athlete I have also built a career as a successful coach. My second passion and profession is the photography. You can find out more about this path on www.tanjaecker.de. Both as an athlete and photographer, I work with different companies, brands and events like SUP 11X, manage the social media channels, am committed to sustainability with Ecoathletes and want to share my enthusiasm and passion for sports and nature with others. I want to help paddlers reaching their individual goals with specific training and finding the right gear. You can find out more about my distribution of 404 and Hippostick for whole Europe here: www.404-sup.de & www.hippostick.de

The path to the sport

Always open to new things, I tried stand-up paddling in 2013 during my bachelor studies in Munich. After playing handball for almost 10 years, SUP was love at first sight, so to speak. The connection with nature, being outside, for me the sport is the perfect balance and full body workout. Since 2018 I’ve been doing SUP as a competitive sport, still a young sport but growing very fast. I love the versatility of it. You can do it on any type of water in any weather, from flat water to surfing, nothing is impossible. The sport creates a community with athletes from all over the world.

1st German Championship Ocean Technical Fehmarn 2023

1st German Championship Ocean Longdistance Fehmarn 2023

1st German Championship Ocean Sprint Fehmarn 2023

2nd SUP11-City Tour (220km) Friesland/Netherlands 2023

1st Longdistance ICF World Cup Falkenberg/Sweden

5th Eurotour Nordhausen/ Germany 2023

2nd Eurotour Namur/ Belgium 2023

16th ISA World Championships Longdistance Le Sables/ France 2023

15th ISA World Championships Technical Le Sables/ France 2023

1st SUP11-City Tour (220km) Friesland/Netherlands 2022
1st German Championship Ocean Technical Fehmarn 2022
2nd German Championship Ocean Longdistance Fehmarn 2022
7th European Championships Longdistance Hvide Sande/ Denmark 2022
10th European Championships Technical Hvide Sande/ Denmark 2022
14th ICF World Championships Technical Gdynia/ Poland 2022
19th ICF World Championships Sprints Gdynia/ Poland 2022
5th Eurotour Nordhausen/ Germany 2022
5th Eurotour Berlin/ Germany 2022 
1st German Championship Flatwater Longdistance Bochum 2021
1st German Championship Flatwater Sprints Bochum 2021
1st German Championship Flatwater Technical Bochum 2021
1st German Championship Ocean Technical Fehmarn 2021
1st German Championship Ocean Longdistance Fehmarn 2021
2nd SUP11-City Tour (220km) Friesland/Netherlands 2021
2nd German Championship Cross-Sprint “Die Finals” Duisburg 2021
4th Eurotour Podersdorf/ Austria 2021
4th Eurotour Nordhausen/ Germany 2021
5th Eurotour Namur/ Belgium 2021
6th Eurotour Thun/ Switzerland 2021