SUP Technique & Training Workshop at Surfcenter Altmühlsee

Six hours fully packed with Technique and Training tips for Stand Up Paddling at the Surfcenter Altmühlsee, left the participants satisfied and with a lot points to continue working on. We started with a good warm up on land, followed by recording videos and an hour SUP drill training with special exercises on the water. After the lunch break we had a look on the videos and analysed everyone’s technique and where to work on. Thanks to the Bredder Indoor SUP we could practice the proper technique on land. We continued with a strength workout in Tabata style to prepare the body for paddling. After a short break we went on the water again to work on the right technique and an insight into a SUP training session. To finish a fully packed day, we sat together for some Q&A and feedback. Thanks Surfcenter Altmühlsee for the invitation and to the participants for their effort and the lovely feedbacks. Calls for more!

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