Recap World Championships 2022

Recap of my 2nd Planet Canoe#worldchampionships2022 ICF SUP World Championships Gdynia🇵🇱

Looking back with mixed feelings as I was a little bit disappointed after the Longdistance but luckily I’m surrounded of good friends, so I could fight back. Somehow the buoys seemed to like me …

🏁Starting with the last race – the technical, the relief: I had very good Beachstarts, so I made it through all my heats on the quite bumpy 1 k race course advancing into the B final where I finished 6th after a hug of the buoy. Place 14 overall in a super strong field.

🏁 The Longdistance race was a personal disaster for me. I put a lot of preparation in this race but the conditions were just too much out of my comfort zone. Up to 1,50m high waves from all directions and strong wind turned the Baltic Sea into a roller coaster. After I got stucked at the buoy and swimming around it, I couldn’t find back my balance and rhythm, so I decided to quit after one lap. Normally giving up is not my mindset but in this case I decided to save energy for the technical and don’t destroy myself. A hard decision why I was a bit bummed. Congrats all who tried it or even finished it, with more than the half of the competitors DNS or DNF.

🏁 The sprints – the first race, I made it to the C final ending 3rd in a photo finish with Iva again. A 19tth place overall on 180m what I never practice , so pretty happy with it. Big congrats to 404 teammate April Zilg winning the world title ( on my board 😉)

Thanks for the well organized event with some air of improvement.

Thanks everyone for the support and cheering, was good to see old and new friends from around the world. Looking forward to the next one, knowing now where to work on.

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